Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector Review

When you are shopping for a good metal detector, you might seem to be spoilt for choice especially if you are doing it for the first time. Metal detectors come in a wide array, and it might seem somewhat confusing as to which metal detector is suitable for your child or a beginner with metal detectors. A metal detector is a great way to get your kids outside to play and introduce them to an entirely new world of buried treasures and get them off the pesky computer and video games that keep them all cooped up in the house.

This is where the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector comes into play


The Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is one such metal detector that is compatible with children and amateurs. When you want to instill the passion of coin collection in your child, there is no better way to do it than by getting this top of the line yet cheap device that comes with some incredible features that will impress you This metal detector is amazing for kids and helps them understand how metal detection works while they are still young and give them love for the outdoors rather than being indoors all the time with their gadgets and computers. Some of the features of this metal detector include:


This metal detector works on a single mode which is the beeping sound. You are provided with earphones with you can connect to the metal sensor so that you can listen privately. Children with an interest in finding artifacts or filling their coin collection might have a blast using this nifty gadget. When the beeping starts, you are alerted to the presence of metal in the vicinity. The beeping becomes more apparent as you get closer to the detected material. The best thing is that this beeping can also be regulated.

Advanced material detection

The Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector comes with a discrimination protocol that helps to isolate specific materials and eliminate the unwanted materials. Material strength is usually measured in a beep. To know if they have found a particular material, the meter is calibrated to a certain level. This will assist the explorer to filter off junk and only find the relevant stuff.

Depth detection

This metal detector was created for children who want to explore and collect coins. Therefore, it is not as advanced as many other metal detectors in terms of the range of detection. This machine can detect any coin sized object from up to 5 inches deep and up to 3 feet deep for larger objects. This is a good range because it is easy for a child to dig them up by themselves thus giving them a sense of accomplishment.
We know that there is a full range of many metal detectors in the market today. You might, therefore, be asking what makes this metal detector stand out from the rest. Here are a few reasons:

It is affordable

This is the very fast reason to buy this metal detector. It is cheap and still of good quality. This means you do not have to cough up lots of your hard earned money as it is the case with video and cell phone games that the children are always as playing. The purchase also comes with long lasting batteries that are still top notch until they are drained.

Ease of use

You might be afraid that a metal detector can be a bit too sophisticated for a youngster to comprehend. However, this is far from the truth. Because it was built for kids, you can be sure that it is super easy to use


Because it was designed with children in mind, you are sure that this product comes in less than 2 pounds. This means that your child can swing it all day without getting fatigued. It is made of materials that are light yet strong to withstand any fall. Its compact size is another advantage because that makes it easy to pack for a trip.
As with all things, the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector also has its weaknesses.

These include:

The coil used for detecting the metals is weatherproof but not necessarily waterproof. This means that this metal detector shouldn't be dipped into water.
As explained earlier, the range is not that far. Therefore, past 6 inches, you will not be able to find small items.

This product can only be used by amateurs and children.
All in all, we can see that the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is a perfect blend of price and functionality. You can make the adventure more exciting by burying some items for your child to find. This will give them a sense of accomplishment and also grow the passion in them.

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