Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector Review

The Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector is a professional Metal Detector designed for children as young as six. It’s light enough for young children to use with a simple, easy to use interface, but the all the power and features of the adult models. With a variable handle, it can adjust to suit children of all ages. Find gold, coins, and ancient treasures using this Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector which has a trash eliminator, so the only treasures you pick up are the ones you want to!

Your children will love finding treasure, exploring what is hidden under the earth and having fun in the sun!



The VLF is packed with exciting features, including a volume which increases when you find metal, so you know exactly when to dig and when not to. You can hear exactly how likely you are to find treasure as the sounds become louder as metal gets closer. As the volume rises you can pinpoint exactly where the metal is, making your digs more effective and faster.

With the ability to detect various metals up to 61cm you can control the size of the treasure you find. Many coins and precious metals are small as the metal is expensive, which means if it’s over a certain size it’s unlikely to be worth much, as well as being difficult to extract from the ground. This function means you don’t waste time digging unnecessarily.

The trash eliminator function won’t pick up iron or other metals associated with rubbish. So you won’t be digging up old cans and tins of beans. This is intelligent detecting, for kids who want to focus on the high-value metal while ensuring that the undesired pieces are filtered out.


Frequently asked questions
Q: What Kind of batteries do you need with this Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector product?

A: You need two 9V batteries.

Q: Does this work in sand?
A: This Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector product works on all surfaces up to five inches.

Q: Can you use this in water?
A: This product is not waterproof and can’t be used in water.



This is a high-quality, sturdy product designed to grow with your child. It’s built with children in mind, from the lightweight design (just five pounds) to the adjustable handle so it will fit your child. The design also means you can move the detector smoothly over any bumps in the landscape. When the volume rises, you’ll get excited! Expect pounding hearts and shrieks of excitement as your child finds treasure after treasure. Find your lost keys around the house without the hassle!

Your child will love this design that fits safely into a backpack keeping their hands free to do other things. There is also a year’s warranty so your investment is safe. Children love this Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector product, and it keeps them busy for hours, and outside in the sunshine having fun, so it does promote a healthier way of life. The sturdy design means this will last far longer than just for Christmas, with many reviewers using the products for months or years at a time.

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