Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector Review

Designed for Kids and Beginners

This Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector was designed with children in mind, as it has a lightweight of fewer than 2 pounds, compact and easy to handle. You could swing it around all day without getting tired. The detector is aimed at kids about the age of 7 making, it a perfect one for you to share the joy of discovering buried treasure with your child. However, if you are expecting a feature filled detector comparable to one costing hundreds of dollars you might be disappointed.

Despite being smaller with lesser features than other higher end detectors, it is ideal for the kids and adults who are starting out since it is very basic, unlike the high-end models. It comes with a manual that provides relevant information about handling it efficiently.


Where to use

As a user, you are free to choose the place where to find metals since the device can be used in the backyard, park, or at the beach. In case you are buying it for the kids, please bury some items in the yard, to see if the device can find them. Again, trying its capability on the beach is ideal since most people lose many metallic objects there. Believe me; it will be a fun game to find them.

Besides, Quick Draw Pro can be used in both small and large spaces, without worrying that the outcome might be influenced by external factors. Aside from being able to operate in many places, this magnificent machine is an all-weather metal detector that will stand any fall. Do not leave it behind during family hunting trips since it is also effective to use during hunting escapades.



Do not worry, the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector arrives as a package, ready to use, all that is required is a 2 x 9 Volt batteries to power the detector. When operating, the tones can be heard through the built-in speaker situated under the display.

Quick Draw Pro can detect large objects 3 feet deep and coin-sized metals 5 inches deep. However, be very keen since it may miss smaller ones, which tend to be the most valuable items. There is a target indicator meter equipped to measure the signal strength and increase the volume whenever the user gets closer to the object.

With a discrimination control function, the user can eliminate unwanted items like iron. The control will ignore the unwanted materials and concentrate on the valuable finds. It offers a very high level of performance, due to its ability to detect all types of metals such as aluminum, silver, gold, steel and iron.

LCD Display and a visual battery life indicator show you exactly how much time you can


use it before recharging. Although 2 x 9 Volt batteries power it, they are not included in the purchase package. Only a battery tester is availed. Its operating frequency is 6.6 kHz.


Bounty Hunter Handy Man Metal Detector Review

The bounty hunter Handy Man metal detector is an ideal device that could keep your kids seriously entertained for hours. The young detectives would have a wonderful time exploring the beach, the local park and even your own home garden in search of little treasures, perhaps even rare coins. Discovering different metals, old coins and if lucky, valuable relics would not only serve as entertainment for your children, but could also be an educational adventure. Those tiny discoveries are bound to spark their interest in history, in the environment and also in science.



What are the available Bounty Hunter Handy Man Metal Detectors?

There is a wide array of bounty hunter Handy Man metal detectors from which you could choose. While some of the features of various models could differ, what is common is that the metal detectors for kids will be lightweight. This means that your little detectives will be able to carry their own devices without much strain. Another great feature of is that they have an adjustable height plane. Once you have your device, you could adjust it to match the height that is comfortable for your kid.

How to Shop for The Right Bounty Hunter Handy Man Metal Detector

From the wide selection of bounty hunter Handy Man metal detectors available, you need to find one that is excellent for your kid. Ideally, you want to consider the durability of materials used in the construction of the product you want. It will also be necessary for you to consider the age of your child and choose a device that is age appropriate. Children prefer toys that they can effectively use If you choose one that is too complicated for them, they are bound to get bored with it On the other hand, if it is too plain for your ten-year-old son, he or is bound to shun it as a kids toy.

As you shop around, your primary focus should be on finding a device that could make the finding treasure exercise fun and exciting. Matters cost would highly depend on the features of the product you choose. Because it is not every day that one buys a bounty hunter Handy Man metal detector, see to it that you can invest in a toy that matches your basic objectives.

Facts about the Bounty Hunter Handy Man Metal Detectors

The bounty hunter Handy Man metal detector is a great toy for young kids with great minds. The device puts the splendor of making discoveries in your kid’s hands. Currently, metal detectors for Handy Man have grown rapidly in popularity. It could be because they involve engaging in a fun activity where the entire family could join in After all, who does not like treasures?